About happiness and the pursuit of it

Ask this question to a hundred people, you’ll get one hundred different answers. The concept is very simple.
People only see happiness in the future. Or in the unknown. Too many of us say that once you accomplish or get something, we’ll finally be happy. Everything is a goal. When you ask people the question, the only thing you’ll find out is their mission in life. Or what they think will make them happier than they are right now. But it’s all temporary. It’s in the human nature that once we get something we want, we’ll start looking for the next, more and bigger than the previous.
It’s a never ending cycle. All of us are waiting for something, the weekend, a holiday, a trip, an event, a person. If that is what you think will make you happy, you’re wrong. Happiness is not a destination, it’s a journey, a constant feeling. It’s something you feel everyday and if you have to ask yourself if you’re happy, the answer is probably no. You might be comfortable, safe, have a trace of content every once in a while but that’s not happiness.

Happiness is a high you take with you everywhere and spread it around to everyone you meet. It goes hand in hand with positivity and that aura that’s invisible to some but the right people will get your vibe.
Even though we each have a different definition of what happiness is to us, in the end it looks the same. We base that definition on the goals or priorities we have in life, but once those are reached, it won’t leave you happy. Satisfied probably. Satisfied people rarely leave their mark in other’s lives.

Happiness is a feeling that comes from inside and we must learn how to be that on our own, not depending on something or someone. If your happiness is another person or some material thing, what happens to you when it disappears?

Easiest way? Be grateful. Realize you have at this very moment exactly what others want. Feel blessed. Wake up everyday with something to accomplish and go to bed knowing you did everything to get yourself a step closer to what you want. Work hard for what you believe in and never stop for anything or anyone. Be happy with life because maybe that is the whole phylosophy behind it.